Amberd Fortress


Amberd is a fortress complex with a church built on the slopes of Mt. Aragats at 2,300 meters above sea level in the XI-XIII centuries. It is a tall fortress built on a rise in between two streams. The church, built in 1026 by the Prince Vahram Pahlavuni, is slightly down the hill from the fortress, nearer to where the two streams join.

Amberd stands on a rocky eminence, again one of the impregnable fortresses of medieval Armenia. The princely castle of Amberd was built in the 11th to 13th centuries. A two-storeyed structure fitted with a majestic staircase, the castle is protected by walls with inclined towers. The baths were constructed outside the palace in the 13th century. It belongs to the cupola`d hall type. The exterior architecture is simple and expressive, crowned by an umbrella shaped cupola.