Geghard Monastery


Geghard is an ancient Armenian monastery. The monastery has been around since before the 4th century, the cathedral was built in 1215. There is a small stream in one chamber carved into the mountain, and the acoustics are great throughout. From here you enter to another chamber. This chamber had the greatest acoustics demonstrated to all when the monk who was guiding began to sing. Outside of the monastery complex you can notice some caves and ruins. The composition of khachkars’ decoration is unique. Numerous khachkars are cut on rock surface and on the walls. The sculptural decoration of the temple is most interesting. The portals, the tromp tops of the facade niches, the cornices and the cupola are decorated not only with floral and geometrical patterns, but also with the pictures of household articles, birds and animals. The architect gave much attention to ceiling structure. The ceiling is divided into nine sections filled with roofings different in their shape and decoration.