Khor Virap Monastery


The Khor Virap is an Armenian monastery located in the Ararat plain in Armenia, near the closed border with Turkey. It is one of the most popular destinations in Armenia, primarily because it is where Grigor Lusavorich (St. Gregory the Illuminator) was imprisoned for 13 years before curing King Trdat III of a disease. A chapel was initially built in 642 at the site of Khor Virap by Nerses III the Builder as a mark of veneration to Saint Gregory. The church was finally completed in 17th century. To this day you can visit the underground pit which Lusavorich was imprisoned in, located in the nondescript St. Gevorg Chapel apart from the main church. There are two holes which can be climbed down. One of them goes to that pit where Grigor Luisavorich was imprisoned. It was the farther one, 6 meters (20 ft) deep and 4.4 meters (14 ft) wide. It is actually impressive in size for an underground prison cell.